Rigbits is a rigging commont library with tools and functions to help the rigging workflow. This library is meant to be use with custom steps or other rigging tools.


mgear.rigbits.blendShapes Rigbits blendshapes utilities and tools
mgear.rigbits.channelWrangler Channel wrangler tool, to manage user channel
mgear.rigbits.cycleTweaks Cycle Tweaks module
mgear.rigbits.eye_rigger Rigbits eye rigger tool
mgear.rigbits.ghost Rigbits Ghost module
mgear.rigbits.lips_rigger Rigbits lips rigger tool
mgear.rigbits.postSpring Post Spring tool
mgear.rigbits.proxySlicer Rigbits proxy mesh slicer
mgear.rigbits.rbf_io Handles the import and exporting of all supported RBF node types
mgear.rigbits.rbf_manager_ui A tool to manage a number of rbf type nodes under a user defined setup(name)
mgear.rigbits.rbf_node rbf node to normalize the calls across any number of supported rbf node types.
mgear.rigbits.rivet Rigbits rivet creator
mgear.rigbits.rope Rigbits Rope rig creator
mgear.rigbits.sdk_io Rigbits, SDK i/o
mgear.rigbits.tweaks Rigbits tweaks rig module
mgear.rigbits.utils Rigbits utilitie tools
mgear.rigbits.weightNode_io import weightNode_io
mgear.rigbits.widgets Rigbits widgets