Release Log


New Features
  • Flex: Flex is the mGear models (geometry) update tool inside rigs.
  • Shifter: Build Rig from file [shifter#20]
  • Shifter: Game Tools, for decouple deform and control rig [shifter#6]
  • Shifter: Guide Relative placement [shifter#14]
  • Shifter: Guide serialization to json
  • Shifter: New Guide manager
  • Shifter: Serialized Diff Tool
  • Shifter: Serialized Guide Explorer
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Chain FK spline with variable IK controls [shifter_classic_components#26]
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Chain IK spline with variable FK controls [shifter_classic_components#30]
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Chain Stack [shifter_classic_components#32]
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: shoulder_02 [shifter_classic_components#25]
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Spine FK [shifter_classic_components#31]
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Tangent_spline_01 [shifter_classic_components#28]
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Whip chain [shifter_classic_components#27]
  • Animbits: softTweak: make UI dockable [animbits#8]
  • Crank: Make UI dockable [crank#3]
  • Crank: Shot Sculpting tool, General update initial Goals [crank#1]
  • mGear_core: attribute: FCurveParamDef should store the samples from getFCurveValues [mgear_core#12]
  • mGear_core: attribute: ParamDef: Dict serialisation [mgear_core#11]
  • mGear_core: pyQt: showDialog option to make windows dockable [mgear_core#6]
  • mGear_core: Skin module: Review it and update use Json and pickle [mgear_core#20] [mgear_core#23]
  • Shifter: Custom step list. Visual cue for shared custom step [shifter#51]
  • Shifter: FCurveParamDef should store the samples from getFCurveValues in value of paramDef [shifter#26]
  • Shifter: update menu with new functionalities [shifter#37]
  • Shifter: Update modal position menu to QT modern version [shifter#46]
  • Shifter_classic_components: add new upv roll control to arm_2jnt [shifter_classic_components#36]
  • Shifter_classic_components: Add UniScale option for games compatible [shifter_classic_components#9]
  • Shifter_classic_components: arm_2jnt_01 and leg_2jnt_01: Make optional the extra support joint in the articulations [shifter_classic_components#3]
API Changes
  • mgear_dist: Modularisation of mgear [mgear_dist#11]
Bug Fix
  • mGear_core: Attribute: channelWrangler apply config from script fails due to attributeError [mgear_core#21]
  • mGear_core: curve: create_curve_from_data_by_name should not take the name from the first shape [mgear_core#17]
  • mGear_core: curve: importing curve while rebuild hierarchy will fail if the parent object don’t have unique name [mgear_core#18]
  • Rigbits: Duplicate symmetry bad import string [Rigbits#13]
  • Rigbits: Replace Shape Command doesn’t handle if the target object have input connections in the shape [Rigbits#12]
  • Shifter: Component connector: standard fallback [shifter#27]
  • Shifter: Component space references: add checker for space references names [shifter#16]
  • SimpleRig: re-import configuration dont link unselectable geometry [simpleRig#1]


New Features
  • Animbits: Crank shot sculpt [mgear#233]
  • Rigbits: RBF Manager: support for non-control objects [mgear#228]


New Features
  • mGear: IO curves [mgear#76]
  • Rigbits: RBF Manager [mgear#183]
  • Rigbits: set driven key module [mgear#160]
  • Simple Rig: 2.0 [mgear#163]
  • Synoptic: Control lister Tab [mgear#99]
  • Synoptic: geometry visibility manager Tab [mgear#130]
  • Synoptic: Spine IK <–> FK animation transfer [mgear#169]
  • Animbits: SoftTweak tool update [mgear#167]
  • mGear: skin: copy skin [mgear#168]
  • Shifter: chain_FK_spline_01: keep length multiplayer channel [mgear#199]
  • Shifter: chain_FK_spline_02: add extra Tweak option [mgear#202]
  • Shifter: component ctrlGrp should be inherit from parent component [mgear#181]
  • Shifter: Component Lite chain and chain FK spline mirror auto pose configuration if override negate axis direction in R [mgear#198]
  • Shifter: Component Lite chain and chain FK spline mirror auto pose configuration if override negate axis direction in R [mgear#198]
  • Shifter: Control_01: lock sizeRef axis [mgear#156]
  • Shifter: Custom Step List: Highlight Background quicksearch [mgear#203]
  • Shifter: Lock joint channels if “separated joint structure” is unchek [mgear#182]
  • Shifter: Make not keyable the joints channel if jnt_org is checked [mgear#188]
  • Shifter: neck_ik: add option to orient IK to world space [mgear#159]
  • Shifter: Partial build skip custom steps [mgear#154]
  • Shifter: spine_S_Shape: add option to orient IK to world space [mgear#164]
  • Shifter: Turn on/off custom steps [mgear#189]
Bug Fix
  • mGear: curve.addCnsCurve: modify the center list in some situations [mgear#172]
  • Rigbits: Blended Gimmick joints bad naming with multy selection [mgear#153]
  • Shifter: 3jnt leg roundness att for knee and ankle [mgear#144]
  • Shifter: add_controller_tag. Fail on Maya old versions [mgear#187]
  • Shifter: Component: spine_IK_02: Last FK control don’t have correct attr [mgear#161]
  • Shifter: Controller tag lost if export selection the rig [mgear#175]
  • Shifter: Joint connection: Maya evaluation Bug [mgear#210]
  • Shifter: leg_2jnt and leg _2jnt_freetangents not taking max stretch default setting [mgear#162]
  • Shifter: Spine S Shape: bad build with offset on fk controls [mgear#146]
  • Simple Rig: BBox computation fails with lights [mgear#212]
  • Synoptic: IK/FK transfer doesn’t save keyframes on blend channel [mgear#180]
  • Synoptic: IK<->FK transfer strange refresh [mgear#173]
Known Issues
  • Shifter: Undo Build from selection crash maya. Now flush Undo to avoid possible crash [mgear#74]


Bug Fix
  • Animbits: SoftTweak root lost relative position to parent [mgear#143]


Bug Fix
  • Shifter: Rotation inverted on joints with negative scale [mgear#142]


New Features
  • Animbits: SoftTweaks tool [mgear#133]
  • LINUX: Maya 2018 solvers
  • Rigbits: Eye rigger tool [mgear#127]
  • Rigbits: Lips Rigger tool [mgear#128]
  • Shifter: New Component: Chain FK spline Component [mgear#104]
  • Shifter: New Component: Lite FK chain [mgear#115]
  • Shifter: New Component: Spine_S_shape [mgear#96]
  • Shifter: Add alias names for space references [mgear#110]
  • Shifter: Add visual crv connection for the upVector controls [mgear#124]
  • Shifter: arm and leg 2jnt: add optional controls x Joint [mgear#114]
  • Shifter: chain_FK_spline: add option to control visibility of controls [mgear#136]
  • Shifter: Hide controls on Playback rig setting [mgear#131]
  • Shifter: Improve parallel evaluation [mgear#123]
  • Shifter: Lite_chain and Chain_FK_spline. Option to override side negation [mgear#139]
  • Shifter: Neck_ik_01: add option to have only IK space reference [mgear#132]
  • Shifter: Review rollspline solver precision values [mgear#138]
  • Shifter: Set all controls shape to d1 curves [mgear#118]
  • Shifter: Set to False the default use of uniscale in joints [mgear#117]
  • Shifter: Update component with Proxy attributes [mgear#111]
Bug Fix
  • Shifter: Bindpose bug with custom controllers grp [mgear#134]
  • Shifter: Component addJnt error if negative scaling [mgear#141]
  • Shifter: Extracted controls doesn’t clean shape name [mgear#135]
  • Shifter: leg_2jnt_01 maxStretch setting is lost at build time [mgear#140]
  • Shifter: Maya 2018.2 flip in leg_2jnt_01 component [mgear#125]


  • mGear: Attribute: addAttribute not setting default attribute value. [mgear#84]
  • mGear: Attribute: update with lock and unlock attribute functions [mgear#83]
  • mGear: PEP8 Style Refactor [mgear#100]
  • mGear: Refactor all exception handling [mgear#88]
  • mGear: Vendoring QT [mgear#89]
  • Shifter: Build command review and log popup window [mgear#73]
  • Shifter: Change Global_C0_ctl to World_ctl [mgear#66]
  • Shifter: Control_01: Add option to have mirror behaviour [mgear#68]
  • Shifter: Improve rig build speed [mgear#65]
  • Shifter: Leg_2jnts_freeTangents_01:no ikFoot in upvref attribute [mgear#62]
  • Shifter: Reload components in custom path [mgear#78]
  • Shifter: Update guide structure in pre custom step [mgear#101]
  • Simple Rig: Update functionality revision [mgear#71]
  • Synoptic: spring bake util [mgear#61]
Bug Fix
  • Rigbits: createCTL function issue [mgear#59]
  • Rigbits: export skin pack error with crvs [mgear#56]
  • Rigbits: skin: There is a case in exportSkin function breaks the existing file [mgear#58]
  • Shifter: 3 joint leg: soft Ik range min in graph editor [mgear#82]
  • Shifter: arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 no attribute ‘rollRef’ [mgear#63]
  • Shifter: Arms auto upvector and shoulder space jump [mgear#85]
  • Shifter: Chain_spring_01: pop if manipulate FK ctl after Bake [mgear#75]
  • Shifter: Connect Ctl_vis [mgear#103]
  • Shifter: Control_01: rotation axis is missing Y lock [mgear#74]
  • Shifter: Japanese Ascii [mgear#79]
  • Shifter: Spring chain: lock control parent and bake spring bug [mgear#67]
  • Shifter: Synoptic: IK/FK Match with arm_ms_2jnt_01 [mgear#80]
Known Issues
  • Shifter: Undo Build from selection crash maya [mgear#74]


  • Shifter: Global scale and size of controllers. [mgear#50]


  • Shifter: Custom Steps: Added Stop Build and Try again option if step fail.[mgear#43]
Bug Fix
  • Synoptic: Match IK/FK with split ctl for trans and rot [mgear#54]


  • Shifter: Components: Legs: Mirror axis behavior on upv and mid ctl [mgear#47]
  • Shifter: Componets: Arms: IK ctl mirror behaviour [mgear#48]
  • Shifter: arm roll new reference connector [mgear#53]
Bug Fix
  • Shifter: component UI min division hang. Check all components [mgear#42]
  • Shifter: quadruped rig not being created in 2018 [ mgear#44]
  • Shifter: Close settings Exception on Maya 2018: Note: This is a workaround. The issue comes from Maya 2018 [mgear#49]


Bug Fix
  • Shifter: Component: Hydraulic: Fix bad reference connector
  • Docs: Text error fix
  • Shifter: Text error fix


New Features
  • Maya 2018 compatible
  • Simple autorig This a new rigging sytem for basic props.
  • Channel Wrangler: Channel manager with export import options.
  • Synoptic: key/select all for custom widgets
  • Skin IO: IO skin for curves & nurbs
  • Skin IO: Now can export with Skin Packs. Every object will be in a separated file.
  • Shifter: custom Sets: Now is possible to add custom sets to shifter components
  • Shifter: Now all the controls are Tag as a control (> Maya 2016.5)
  • Shifter: Custom Rig controls navigation
  • Shifter: Custom steps IO to JSON file.
  • Shifter: Componente: Chain_01: Non uniform scaling for FK controls
  • Shifter: Now the controls have unchecked historical interest from ctl shapes for cleaner channel box
  • Rigbits: Now replace shape support multiple shapes
  • mGear: Menu updated with about info and useful links
  • mGear: Added support for RGB color on icons/Controls
Bug Fix
  • Shifter: component: freetangent arm and leg: Fixed joint offset in the extremes
  • General: Fixed bad parenting for PySide dialogs.


New Features
  • mGear solvers: New vertex position node. This node gets the vertex position in worldspace.
  • Rigbits: New rigging commont library with toos and functions to help the rigging system. This library is meant to be use with custom steps or other rigging tools.
  • Shifter: Components: New Components from Miles Cheng “arm_ms_2jnt_01”, “shoulder_ms_2jnt_01” and “leg_ms_2jnt_01”
  • Shifter: Components: New enviroment variable: MGEAR_SHIFTER_COMPONENT_PATH (only project components)
  • Shifter: Custom Step: New enviroment variable: MGEAR_SHIFTER_CUSTOMSTEP_PATH to stablish relative paths for the custom steps data.
  • Shifter: New Channel naming options
  • Improved error logging for custom steps and Synoptic.
  • Shifter: Clean up jnt_org empty groups after rig build.
  • Shifter: Components: Updated neck with optiona tangent controls.
  • Shifter: Components: Arm have a new option to separate the IK controls in rotation and translation control
  • Shifter: Components: Control extraction name buffer to avoid name clashing for ctl extraction on guides
  • Shifter: Components: Pin elbow/knee
  • Shifter: Components: Spine updated: Autobend optional control and optional mid tangent control
  • Shifter: Components: Arms mid ctl and upv with optinal mirror behaviour.
  • Shifter: Custom step using class implementation
  • Shifter: Track information (rig Asset, components used version and mGear version)
  • Synoptic: General visual and structure improvement. Big Thanks to Yamahigashi-san.
  • Synoptic: IK/FK animation transfer
  • Shifter: Updated biped guide
  • Shifter: Updated Quadruped guide
Bug Fix
  • Bad layout on setting windows with HDPI displays.
  • Shifter: Components: General clean up and bug fixing (Please check github commint for more info).
  • Issue mgear#9 leg_3jnt: Flip offset rz double connection
  • Issue mgear#13 Chain_01 IK refs not being connected


New Features
  • Custom enviroment variables for synoptic: MGEAR_SYNOPTIC_PATH
  • cvWrap deformer included.
  • Gimmick joints basic tools
  • Mocap HumanIK mapping tool for standard Shifter biped
  • New Component settings view.
  • New Documentation
  • New licensing under MIT license terms.
  • Pre and Post custom Steps.
  • Shifter: Modular rigging sytem rebranded.
  • Shifter: Quadrupeds template and new leg component for 3 bones legs.
  • Shifter: Single Hierarchy Joint connexion
  • Shifter: Update Guides Command.
  • Synoptic view Updated.
  • Component guides will snap to parent position at creation time.
  • Duplicate symmetry can find partial chain names. Is not needed to duplicate from the top root of the branch.
  • Groups and dag pose connected to rig base node. This will avoid lost elements if we export selection.
  • Guide Blades have new attr to control the roll offset
  • mGear version and other useful information in guide root.
  • Newly created guide components automatic update of the side and uiHost from the parent attributes.
  • Shifter componets full review and functions unified.