Base ModulesΒΆ

mgear mGear init module
mgear.core.applyop Apply operator module
mgear.core.attribute Attribute creation functions
mgear.core.curve NurbsCurve creation functions
mgear.core.dag Nvigate the DAG hierarchy
mgear.core.icon Predefined nurbsCurve shapes to be use as a rigging control Icons
mgear.core.log Logging Maya data
mgear.core.meshNavigation Functions to help navigate the mesh topology
mgear.core.node Functions to create and connect nodes.
mgear.core.pickWalk Custom Pick walk
mgear.core.primitive Functions to create primitives (Non geometry)
mgear.core.pyqt pyQt/pySide widgets and helper functions for mGear Functions to work with skinCluster data.
mgear.core.string string management methods
mgear.core.transform Functions to work with matrix and transformations
mgear.core.utils Utilitie functions
mgear.core.vector Functions to work with vectors
mgear.core.widgets mGear Qt custom widgets