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Provide a solid framework for rigging and animation tools development.

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“Miquel did an amazing job making mGear a solid Production tool. I am delighted to see it running smoothly in Maya. Softimage User will be delighted to find their favorite Rig Builder in Maya. Maya user will be amazed how MGear is solid and flexible. Gear has been used in production all around the world since 2010 and changed the life of many riggers and animators, I have no doubt that mGear will have the same success. Do I need to mention it’s free and open source ?”

Jeremie Passerin

Jeremie Passerin, Technical Animation Supervisor at Blur Studio Technical Director

“mGear has proven to be a stable, efficient solution for our rigging pipeline. It’s flexible enough that we’ve used it on cartoony series such as Zafari, and also for game cinematics such as Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It’s very straightforward, so the learning curve isn’t extremely steep for onboarding new artists, and there aren’t a lot of clicks and/or steps to get you from template to build. This may seem inconsequential, but in a production environment where deadlines can be tight, this is quite essential. Under the hood, there’s also quite a number of attributes available that allow you adjust the rig to your needs. Miquel has been a delight to work with any time that we’ve had questions, or flagged concerns, and I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to any studio or personal user. ”

Alicia Carvalho

Alicia Carvalho, Rigging Supervisor at Digital Dimenions/Meduzarts Digital Dimenions/Meduzarts

“In our studio we work on huge shows, and mgear has proven itself extremely reliable, fast and simple! The framework enables our riggers to keep iterate and improve even on the most complicated rigs very quickly, so we don’t need to compromise on our animation quality..”

Lior Ben Horin

Lior Ben Horin, CG Supervisor at Snowball Studios Technical Artist

“Miquel did an absolutely stellar job in bringing what we loved about Gear in XSI to Maya with mGear. We look forward to every release as it just gets better and better with its on-going support. On our projects, the small rigging department is normally faced with a large number of unique characters to rig in a short space of time. mGear allows us to bring solid and time-tested rigs to our animators. mGear is our go-to solution for a fast and iterative rigging process. It’s easy to learn and use and the potential of expanding Shifter with custom components using the mGear framework is an aspect we are very excited about.”

Marthinus Wessels

Marthinus Wessels, Character Supervisor at Triggerfish Animation Studios Character Animator

“We have been using mGear in the studio since switching to Maya and it has become an integral part of our 3d workflow. The speed we can get a rig to the animators whilst continuing to finesse and rebuild has been a real game changer.”

Adam Avery

Adam Avery, Rigger at Studio AKA CG Artist

“At Assembly we work on a wide range of different jobs with varying styles, and mGear fits our pipeline perfectly. Being able to publish ready-to-animate rigs in a matter of minutes allowing time to refine & build upon the rigs without causing bottlenecks has been incredibly powerful. Building custom shifter components only opens up the possibilities even further! All the animators really enjoy working with the rigs from mGear, and we wouldn’t be without it!”

Geoff Kirk-Smith

Geoff Kirk-Smith, Character Technical Director at Assembly Character TD & Animator


Services and support for mGear users by Miquel Campos at:

Project Bootstrapping

Using mGear framework as a starting point, I will help you establish a flexible and reliable character creation pipeline for your Film, Game, or Animation Series project.

Custom Development

mGear has many tools and modular components to create your characters’ rigs. But every project has its own needs and specifications. Custom development can help fit mGear better in your pipeline nor cover edge cases specific to your project.

Consulting & Support

Are you using mGear in your project? I can help you solve any question and fixing priority bugs for your project. With a support contract, you will influence mGear’s future development and features.


Do you want to adopt mGear in your studio or already did it? Custom training for your team can help you to get the most of mGear Framework.


mGear is an open source project started by Jeremie Passerin and continued by Miquel Campos. Many contributors have helped in the development over the years. Currently the main development team is:

Miquel Campos

Miquel Campos

Lead Developer

Character TD consultant and mGear’s Lead Developer. Offering services and support for mGear users

Rafael Villar

Rafael Villar


Senior Rigger TD at Studio Anima. Experience in rigging and techanim from various VFX shops. Focusing on pipeline development.

Jerome Drese

Jerome Drese


Senior Rigging and Pipeline TD working for several studios. Love to share riggers everyday work hacks.

Chris Lesage

Chris Lesage

Community Manager & Developer

Rigging TD at Rigmarole Studio . Building rigs and pipeline tools for animators in film and games.

Jascha Wohlkinger

Jascha Wohlkinger


Rigging TD/Technical Artist in the Gaming Industry. Rigging, Tools, Custom Plugins and Pipeline Development. Previous experience in Feature Animation and VFX..



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